Water Softening Plant

RPD Water Care Solutions, softening plant is charged with strongly acidic cation exchange resin in sodium form. Raw water flows upwards through the resin bed. The calcium & magnesium which forms hardness in water is exchanged for sodium which is non-hardness forming. When it has exchanged all of its sodium for Calcium & Magnesium, the ion exchange resin is regenerated. The solution of common salt- Sodium Chloride is passed to the resin bed with a brine ejector. The softening plant is thoroughly rinsed with water to remove excess salt. The softening plant is put back to service after getting commercial zero ppm water hardness at the outlet.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Filtration & Purifying Through Innovation Reverse Osmosis System When two aqueous solutions of different concentrations are separated by a semipermeable membrane, naturally occurring osmotic pressure forces dilute solutions into the concentrate solutions this natural phenomenon is called osmosis which is continuous until equilibrium between the two solutions is reached. The flow’s natural direction can be reversed by applying pressure greater than osmosis pressure to the concentrated solutions. This process of reversal of solvent flow is known as “Reverse Osmosis” (RO).

DM Plants

Thousands of users of laboratories, factories and workshops throughout the world have found that the Water Demineralisers plant is economical and the simplest way to produce distilled quality water almost free of dissolved solids. RPD Water Care Solutions, D remineralises are up-flow two bed/ mix bed type. Compact and simple to operate with conductivity meter to monitor the quality of treated water continuously when in operation. RPD Water Care Solutions, Demineralisers are available in different models to suit any of your requirements.

Waste Water Recycling Plant

Leveraging on the talent and knowledge of our professionals, we are into providing a precisely engineered array of Effluent Treatment Plant. This Effluent Treatment Plant Is helpful in treating and purifying the wastewater in an efficient and perfect manner.